Frequently Asked Questions



  1. How do you “turn my art into sound”?
    1. Send us your high-resolution digital image and we print it to 100% silk using a 12 color inkjet printer. The print, (called a grill cloth with conventional cone type speakers), is then stretched over the front panels. Then a picture frame is mounted to the exterior and Ogeeg III is ready to hang on a wall or sit on an easel.
    2. Both the silk print and the frame can be changed by ordering a new print or selecting a new frame from a local frame shop.
  2. Where do I get high resolution images?
    1. We can provide a list of sites where you can license famous classics and download a high-resolution image which you can upload to ArtIsSound. You may also have a favorite memory you want to use like a wedding photo or landscape. A well known wildlife photographer has used one of his award winning photos as a ‘grill cloth’.
  3. Is Ogeeg III wireless?
    1. Ogeeg III is WiFi/Bt enabled and works with ChromeCast, Google Home & your iPhone or iPad. All that is required is a standard household electrical outlet to power the built-in amplifier.
  4.  Where can I listen to Ogeeg before I buy?
    1. Beginning January 17, If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area you can visit Napa Acoustic in Fremont and listen to Ogeeg III. 43260 Christy St. Fremont, CA 94538 
    2. We understand that buying a sound system without trying it first can be scary which is why we offer a risk free 45-day trial. If you are not completely satisfied we will pay the shipping and you may return Ogeeg for a full refund.


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